Probka Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Legendary Italian Restaurant in the very heart of St. Petersburg right next to the Peter and Paul Fortress
Mama Tuta Saint Petersburg The first Georgian restaurant by Aram Mnatsakanov
Probka Apartment Saint Petersburg Unique Private Dining Space
Jerome Saint Petersburg Signature food with Italian roots:)
Ryba na Dache Saint Petersburg The Finest Family Restaurant in the Countryside
Ryba Saint Petersburg Super-pizzeria
Probka Moscow Moscow One of the best Moscow restaurants. Second-to-none Italian cuisine and amazing atmosphere
Strelka Bar Moscow Spectacular view, well-crafted cocktails, modern cuisine and the best parties
Mine/Wine Berlin Italian restaurant and wine bar in Berlin
Irresistible baby khinkali cooked in pepper sauce with Parmesan and Gorgonzola — you can eat them to the very top!
Also we recommend tender beef tongue with pickled tomatoes, basil, red onion and tarragon.
Roasted tomatoes with homemade vegetable pickles and aromatic sauce of cilantro stems, garlic and tahini.
Hummus with veal cooked medium rare, vegetable pickles and fresh herbs.
NEW BESTSELLER: Sparkling Pinot Rose
New sparkling Pinot Rose Aram Mnatsakanov Selection is bottled for us in Decordi (Veneto, Italy), by the same winemakers as our legendary Prosecco in magnums. By 100% Pinot Noire, this bright and vivid Sparkling is elegant, well-balanced and full of strawberry-raspberry tones in the taste. Perfect both as Apero or pairing to your cold starter, like carpaccio. 390 Rub for a glass, or 1950 Rub  — bottle. Order in our any restaurant or take with you.

The authentic Neapolitan airy-crust pizza in our panoramic restaurant Ryba. We cook it in the traditional wood-burning stove right in the restaurant from specially fermented dough and with the best Italian ingredients!

5 Academik Pavlov Street

PANBRIACONE BONCI, a total Bomb new dessert in all our restaurants, - airy cake from Tuscany, drowned in Italian dessert wines VinSanto and Passito based syrups. You can order a portion of the dessert in the restaurant or buy a take away Bonci in a festive pack with you.
Cold Seasonal soups for entire summer in the Aram Mnatsakanov Restaurants!

In Moscow Restaurants: you can try cold tomato soup with burrata and culatello in Probka, and in Strelka Bar&Terrace – cold vegetarian soup.

In St. Petersburg Restaurants: we make cold tomato soup with stracciatella in Probka and Jerome. In the Mama Tutа Georgian restaurant– cold tomato soup. In the panoramic super-pizzeria Ryba and in Ryba na Dache out of the city – cold borsch.


In restaurants Probka on Tsvetnoi, Ryba and Mama Tuta every morning we prepare breakfasts: they are different everywhere and very delicious!

In Probka on Tsvetnoi on weekdays from 08:30 - 12:00, on weekends from 10:00 - 12:00; in the panoramic restaurant Ryba on weekdays from 09:00 - 12:00, on weekends from 10:00 - 12:00; in the Georgian restaurant MamaTuta on weekdays from 08:30 - 12:00, on weekends from 09:00 - 12:00.

17/08, This Saturday
We are launching our BIG HOT AIR BALLOON

Come for an amazing family weekend at the green lawns outside the city at our spectacular Ryba na Dache Family Restaurant.

Start at 4PM
SIGNATURE BORDEAUX from Aram Mnatsakanov
Created by PROBKAFAMILY team in Stanislav Zingerenko's winery Château La Favière under the guidance of the famous oenologist and wine-maker Louis Mitjavile.Each bottle has its UNIQUE NUMBER, which was handwritten by Aram Mnatsakanov personally.

The cost of wine - 7 500 rubles per bottle
In Probka, in Moscow and St. Petersburg we serve seasonal pizza with chanterelle and guanciale or beef tartare with these mushrooms.

In St. Petersburg Ryba panoramic super-pizzeria and in out-of-city Ryba na Dacha restaurant, you should try homemade pasta, risotto, pizza and pan-fried potatoes – all paired with the ultimate summer mushroom bestseller.


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Probka na Tsvetnom was shortlisted in the best Moscow restaurants according to the GQ Magazine Restaurant Rating.

For the third time in a row Probka in Moscow was awarded for the Best service.


Look for new ITEMS on the menu of the legendary Probka restaurants: In St. Petersburg – Mezzi rigatoni with lobster, Fritto Misto with crispy seafood, Parmesan & prosciutto pizza, vegetable sauté and dessert Pavlova with MANGO.

In Moscow – Grilled octopus and wild strawberries dessert by Antonio Fresa.

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To share dinner with your loved ones: in restaurants Ryba and Ryba na Dache we prepare homemade dishes in large cast-iron pots. 

Choose from: rabbit stew with country-style vegetables or traditional lamb Chanahi.

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