Probka na Dobrolubova Saint Petersburg Probka na Dobrolubova Legendary Italian Restaurant in the very heart of St. Petersburg right next to the Peter and Paul Fortress
Probka Apartment Saint Petersburg Probka Apartment Unique Private Dining Space
Jerome Saint Petersburg Jerome Signature food with Italian roots:)
Probka Cafe Saint Petersburg Probka Cafe Cozy Cafe for Early Breakfast and Quick Delicious Meal
Ryba na Dache Saint Petersburg Ryba na Dache The Finest Family Restaurant in the Countryside
Ryba Saint Petersburg Ryba Panoramic Restaurant & Bar with Spectacular View
Probka on Tsvetnoi Moscow Probka on Tsvetnoi One of the best Moscow restaurants. Second-to-none Italian cuisine and amazing atmosphere
Mine/Wine Berlin Mine/Wine Italian restaurant and wine bar in Berlin
At the Jerome Restaurant, in the historical center of the city, you can taste 6 new dishes. Every day from 9 a.m.
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PHLY BOYZ at the Aram Mnatsakanov’s Restaurants
The PHLY BOYZ are coming directly from Nice to give three fantastical concerts in Moscow and St.Petersburg. 15 March at Probka on Tsvenoy (Moscow); 16 March at Probka na Dobrolyubova (St. Petersburg); 17 March at Ryba na Dache (St. Petersburg). The performance is supported by our partner Lenmix. Please, note that you need to put a deposit 1500 rub in advance to book the table.
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Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz
From February 11, ask for the new cocktail Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz in all restaurants! An elegant blend of Grey Goose® Vodka, St-Germain® Elderflower Liqueur, soda water and lime for a bit more freshness. 550 rub.
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Beef fagottini, crab phalange with pike caviar, crunchy seafood (Fritto Misto), сhicory and marinated dandelion.. Beef ramen! Come over for dinner! Bolshaya Morskaya st., 25 Book online
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Gentlemen’s weekend
February 20 - 25 at all our restaurants, you can order a Machete steak roasted on the Green Egg grill. On these days, Aram Mnatsakanov’s Restaurants gives you a special offer for the French vodka Grey Goose: take a three shots set (990 rub instead of 1390 rub) and enjoy the complement by the chef Antonio Fresa – homemade bread with butter and marinated anchovies.
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