Farewell to Winter at Ryba na Dache

Farewell to Winter at Ryba na Dache

We welcome you to say goodbye to winter in our Sestroretsk restaurant. Gather your friends and family, take a walk in the fresh air, admire the views of winter forest before we step into the long awaited spring season.

Sounds like a great plan for the weekend! And what a delight it is to get warm and cozy after a walk – in our "Ryba na Dache". We have collected all the main hits of Georgian and Italian cuisine in our menu, as well as our favorite “country” dishes from the childhood. You will definitely find a dish you'll love. We also have a section created by our chef especially for companies, so be sure to check it out!

Rabbit stew with vegetables in sour cream

РЫБА НА ДАЧЕ, РАГУ ИЗ КРОЛИКА С ОВОЩАМИ В СМЕТАНЕ 9.jpgDelicious stew made according to Natalia Malinovskaya’s family recipe. We cook it in a Russian oven, so the meat becomes very tender and melts in your mouth!

Lamb chanakh

РЫБА НА ДАЧЕ, БАРАНЬЯ ЛОПАТКА, ТОМЛЕННАЯ В ПЕЧИ 2.jpgTraditional Georgian dish. We cook chanakh in a saucepan and then in the oven, so that the subtle aroma of the fire and the juiciness of the meat are guaranteed!

Lamb shoulder simmered in the oven for 18 hours

РЫБА НА ДАЧЕ, КАСТРЮЛЯ ИЗ ПЕЧИ - ЧАНАХ ИЗ БАРАНИНЫ 2.jpgTender shoulder with rich meat sauce, an incredibly flavorful dish! This portion is for 2-3 people.

Fisherman's Casserole (served only on weekends)

Рыба на Даче Кастрюля рыбака 218.jpgFeel like you are in the south of Italy or France! A large pan with langoustines, mussels, squid, octopus and scallops in a stunningly delicious sauce will definitely please all seafood lovers. Be sure to order some freshly baked bread for the thick sauce and don't forget a glass of wine!

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