7 steps: how to make the perfect pasta

7 steps: how to make the perfect pasta
It is easy to make great pasta like in Italy. These “seven DONT'S” will ensure your success almost 100%!

1. DON'T skimp on the original product.
However, the principle “the more expensive the better” also does not always work. Basically, there are not many manufacturers of high-quality pasta on the Russian market, and it can be difficult to find it in a supermarket. But it's worth looking. Giving a tip: Di Martino and Gentile. We use these two brands at PROBKA. We vouch for them.

2. DON'T spare the water for cooking.
Get out the big pot! For 80-100 g of pasta (about 1 portion) - a teaspoon of salt (10 g) and 1 liter of boiling water (not less). Easy to remember as the “1/10/100 rule”. But if a longer cooking time is recommended, from 15 minutes, the amount of salt can be reduced to 5 g. Add salt only when the water starts to boil: salted water will take longer to heat up.

3. DON'T add oil to the cooking water.
High-quality pasta will not stick together or become overcooked, even if you cook it for longer than indicated on the package. The main thing is a sufficient amount of water. (See point 2.) Well, let's remember the physics: the oil will simply float to the surface of the water without affecting the state of your spaghetti or shells.

4. DON'T cook the pasta completely, leave it slightly undercooked.
Drain the water two minutes earlier than the time indicated on the package if you are going to additionally cook pasta in sauce. We're aiming for al dente, aren't we? :)

5. DON'T rinse the pasta, this will wash away all the flavor!
Cold water rinsing is not a procedure for quality pasta, which you are going to eat right there with some kind of sauce. It won't stick together anyway.

6. DON'T empty out all the water after cooking.
It comes in handy for the pasta.

7. DON'T cook pasta in reserve.
Calculate the number of servings by dry weight and do not store the cooked pasta. Hence it follows: do not cook the pasta in advance. People wait for pasta, not the other way around. Sticky pasta, heated in the microwave or in a frying pan ... Let's not talk about that, okay?

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