Freshly Baked Bread in Our Restaurants

Freshly Baked Bread in Our Restaurants

We bake two types of bread every day and you can find them both on our menu. Guests order them to accompany the dishes and also as a take away, that's how tasty and popular these two are. A multi-grain bread with a special, almost 100-year-old sourdough from Georgia and gluten-free bread made from green buckwheat.

Multigrain bread with a special, almost 100-year-old sourdough from Georgia

PROBKA ПЕТЕРБУРГ, МНОГОЗЕРНОВОЙ ХЛЕБ НА ОСОБОЙ ЗАКВАСКЕ 4.jpgThe history of this leaven is unique: many decades ago a famous London miller brought the recipe from a trip to the Georgian Caucasus. The great Mikael Jonsson used this leaven to make his famous bread at the Hedone restaurant (Michelin Guide and World's 50 Best Restaurants), which was repeatedly named the best bread in London. Hedone has closed, but you can try this unique bread with an exceptional recipe with us! That same London miller passed on this recipe to Aram, and now the recipe is already over 100 years old!

It contains three types of wheat and multigrain flour of the highest quality, Sicilian salt, olive oil, butter and various seeds. We knead the dough together with sourdough and salt, let it rise for about 4-5 hours, then form it into balls, put it in a mold and leave it there, this time for 12 hours. The result is an aromatic and mouthwatering bread with a dense crispy crust and porous pulp. We serve it with butter, and it's an impeccable combination!

Gluten-free green buckwheat bread

PROBKA НА ЦВЕТНОМ ДОМАШНИЙ БЕЗГЛЮТЕНОВЫЙ ХЛЕБ.jpgFor this bread we grind our own green buckwheat flour, so the bread is gluten-free! Instead of gluten it contains a lot of pumpkin and flax seeds :) It is both loved by those who are into a healthy lifestyle and those who simply love delicious food – in this case there are no contradictions!

This bread is made of green buckwheat flour, yeast, spices and seeds - nothing extra needed!

You can order our delicious bread at the restaurant, take it with you or place a delivery order at

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