AM Delivery Bestsellers

AM Delivery Bestsellers

Often we can’t help it but make adjustments to our plans because of the weather conditions. When you really don’t want to leave the house, comes to the rescue. We have collected the main bestsellers of our restaurants on the website, choose from the menu and either place your take away order, or we will send it to you by courier.

Are you in the mood to top off the legendary crab pasta with your favorite Parmesan artichokes? Click the PROBKA section, all you have to do is select a city.

PROBKA НА ЦВЕТНОМ, ПИЦЦА С ТЫКВОЙ, КОППОЙ И СЫРОМ СТРАЧАТЕЛЛА, ПИЦЦА НЕАПОЛИТАНА С ЛОСОСЕМ, ЖАРЕНЫЕ АРТИШОКИ С ПАРМЕЗАНОМ.jpgWant some Georgian flavor and see mini-khinkali with beef in pepper sauce and penovani with khachapuri appear on the table? Enjoy the signature Georgian cuisine from MAMA TUTA!

МАМА ТУТА МСК, МИНИ-ХИНКАЛИ С ГОВЯДИНОЙ В ПЕРЕЧНОМ СОУСЕ14.jpgFrom Moscow's Maritozzo, in addition to 11 types of pizza, including the sweetest one, you can order Neapolitan calamarata with octopus and a signature charcoal burger.

MARITOZZO, НЕАПОЛИТАНСКАЯ КАЛАМАРАТА С ОСЬМИНОГОМ, РАВИОЛИ С РИКОТТОЙ И БОТТАРГОЙ, ПАРМИДЖАНА 2.jpgThe pizza from the 50 Top Pizza rating, including its gluten-free variations, as well as chicken alla diavola and cotoletta alla Milanese, will come to residents of St. Petersburg from R14.

R14, ЦЫПЛЕНОК АЛЛА ДЬЯВОЛА 5.jpgFor connoisseurs of country cuisine, our best country restaurant “Ryba na Dache” will prepare aromatic shish kebab, a garden plate and even homemade lard and herring with potatoes.

РЫБА НА ДАЧЕ, ШАШЛЫК ИЗ СВИНИНЫ 6.jpgBad weather is not a reason to skip dinner from your favorite restaurant, because your favorite restaurant can come to your home.


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