Christmas and New Year Gift Guide

Christmas and New Year Gift Guide

We at PROBKA FAMILY have prepared the perfect gift options for you and your loved ones – choose what suits your taste the best! You can purchase them in restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg*, you can also order them from our website

Italian sweets


AM COLLECTION, ПАНЕТТОНЕ 23.jpgThe perfect Christmas dessert from our Italian chef Simone Gobbi! Ideal to put on the New Year's table or as a gift to your family. We carefully pack each panettone in a beautiful holiday box. Hurry up and grab yours – the amount is very limited!


One of the traditional Italian recipes included in the protected list! We and our guests love it very much. We prepare it especially on the eve of the holidays so that you can give it as a gift to your loved ones. It's lots of nuts and lots of fun :)

Soft honey nougat Torrone

A special Christmas sweet usually sold at fairs and in pastry shops and is always served at the Christmas table in Italy. Soft, honey, with the aroma of roasted pistachios – this nougat instantly creates a festive mood.

Biscotti (cookies with almonds and citrus and anise flavor)

Famous cookies that remind every Italian of their childhood. In Tuscany they dip it in coffee or dessert wine. Our biscotti's speciality is the aroma of anise and citrus. 

Amaretti (almond flour cookies)

Incredibly popular cookies with the aroma of oranges and lemons. Important detail: these cookies are gluten free. Thanks to the almond flour base, marzipan lovers will especially like it.

Homemade chocolate truffles with rosemary or pistachios in a gift box

ПРОБКА СПБ,AM COLLECTION - КОНФЕТЫ В ПОДАРОЧНОЙ УПАКОВКЕ 1.jpgFavorite with our guests, amazingly delicious handmade sweets: truffles made of soft chocolate ganache with rosemary and sweets with pistachios in white chocolate glaze. An ideal gift in beautiful packaging.

Gingerbread Christmas trees

AM COLLECTION - РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКИЕ ПРЯНИКИ.jpgThe main symbol of the New Year! Its miniature version made of crispy cookies with tender vanilla glazing will be a festive table decoration and a perfect sweet snack. 

Signature Tea:

“Tea Collection” set* in gift packaging

ПРОБКА СПБ, AM COLLECTION - НОВОГОДНИЙ ПОДАРОЧНЫЙ НАБОР ЧАЯ 21.jpgA complete collection of unique AM COLLECTION tea blends: five flavors in festive packaging. Mulberry tea with mandarin, black tea with rose and bergamot, Middle Eastern blend with Persian lemon and mint and “country” tea with black tea and cherry leaf. This tea was made in a limited edition by Andrey Kolbasinov, the founder of the "NITKA" tea company, a great enthusiast of the revival of the Russian tea tradition, one of the best tea sommeliers not only in Russia, but in the world.

*The “Tea Collection” can only be purchased at Aram Mnatsakanov’s restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

During the holiday season we also offer our guests a very unique "Christmas" tea blend with tangerine and pine aroma. 


Delicacies from the shop, handmade truffles, amaretti, biscotti, torrone, nougat, black caviar, signature tea blends – you can choose everything that is sold as AM Collection, everything will be beautifully packaged in a large gift box.

Let's celebrate and give gifts!

*The range of gifts in restaurants may vary

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