You’ve probably heard about the sweet panettone bread, but this is far from the only dessert that Italians prepare or purchase for the holiday season. Here are a few other popular options - some can even be found and bought in Russian stores.

Pandoro - “golden bread” in Italian. Its vibrant golden color is achieved by adding eggs and vanilla to the dough. There are no candied fruit, raisins or nuts in the traditional recipe from Verona - just powdered sugar on top. However, this sweet bread has a remarkable shape - an eight-pointed Christmas star.

Panforte - this “pan” is no longer a “bread”, but looks more like a gingerbread with nuts, candied fruit, honey and spices. The best is made in Tuscany.

Panforte bianco | Italian christmas sweets - Klara`s Life.jpg
Ricciarelli - also from Tuscany. These wheat-free cookies are not meant to be savored with tea or coffee, but with sweet wine.

Ricciarelli recipe by Juls Kitchen | Visit Tuscany.jpg
Torrone - a type of nougat with nuts, popular throughout Italy and can now be easily found in Russia. Take care of your teeth! ;)

Italian Torrone in Fruit and Pistachio flavors!.jpg
Struffoli - a recipe known since ancient times, especially popular in Naples. Small balls of dough are fried in oil, mixed with honey and other sweet toppings. Quite similar to Chak Chak.

Italian Struffoli Honey Balls | Wishes and Dishes.png
Cartellate - another type of deep-fried cookies. White wine is added to the dough, and the shape of the cookie resembles a crown. And this is just one of the many Christmas desserts from Puglia.

Cartellate pugliesi | ricetta originale.jpg
Torta Gubana - a snail-shaped pastry that has been baked in Friuli for over 600 years. Served with grappa!

Gubana friulana.jpg
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