Cosmic wine glasses by ZALTO

Cosmic wine glasses by ZALTO
Our elegant and delicate (but not fragile) glasses, perfect for wine drinking at PROBKA, are produced by the Austrian glassblowing company Zalto. We have been eager to share a little more details about them.

1. The Zalto family has been perfecting their technique for what has already been six generations, almost 200 years, with the help of exquisite glassblowing craftsmen and high-quality materials.

2. Zalto - Austrians with Venetian roots. For it was the artisans of Venice who, since the Middle Ages, had a tremendous influence on the development of glassmaking all over the world. The Venetian island Murano has given its name to the world-famous high-class glass.

PROBKA НА ЦВЕТНОМ, КРАСНОЕ, БЕЛОЕ И РОЗОВОЕ ВИНО В БОКАЛАХ.jpg3. The latest Zalto collection - Denk’Art - was designed by a priest. Father Hans Denk combined ministry and his studies of wine for 30 years, making him one of the most renowned experts in the world. It was he who instructed glassblowers to create glasses that would highlight the best qualities of the wines.

4. Denk found inspiration for his collection by studying the cosmos: he calculated the angle of inclination for the rims of the glass based on the tilt of the Earth’s axis.

5. Zalto’s products do not contain lead, which is used in the production of crystal glassware, as lead really weighs down on the glass.

PROBKA НА ЦВЕТНОМ, КРАСНОЕ, БЕЛОЕ И РОЗОВОЕ ВИНО В БОКАЛАХ 3.jpg6. Even though they are incredibly delicate, it is possible (and necessary) to wash the wine glasses in a dishwasher. A great reason for their frequent use - not only for special occasions!

7. In 2009 the Denk’Art collection from Zalto won a very important independent competition from the German magazine Stern: a group of experts, in gloves, tasted the wine from ten different glasses. And in all three categories (“Riesling”, “Burgundy”, “Bordeaux”) the glasses from Zalto were recognized as the best. “In order to understand that Zalto glasses are unique, you really don’t even have to see or touch them. That is why we love to use them so much: they reveal the bouquet and taste of the wine in an exceptional way”, explains Aram Mnatsakanov. “This is not just a personal opinion. The experience of famous sommeliers and wine experts from around the world confirms it”, he adds.

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