Get to know Simone Gobbi

Get to know Simone Gobbi

Our beloved Italian brand chef Simone Gobbi was born in Cesena in Emilia-Romagna. Through his professional path he has travelled the world, worked with Michelin star chefs all across the globe and eventually became a part of our team :)

As is customary in Italy, Simone’s childhood house often hosted large feasts for family and friends. As a child, Simone loved watching his mom, aunts and grandmothers cook. Seeing how much love goes into food preparing process he dreamed of becoming a professional cook.

20 years ago, the job of a chef was considered to be extremely difficult, which is why Simone’s family tried to talk him out of it. Despite this, even as a teenager he worked in restaurants non-stop after school, on the weekends and during summer vacations.

ПРОБКА СПБ, БРЕНД-ШЕФ СИМОНЕ ГОББИ 24.jpgSimone worked all over the world. In his time, he was gaining valuable experience at the first-class fish restaurant Terre alte in Emilia-Romagna, the French restaurant Nolita in Paris, the Michelin restaurant Sasso in Milan and others.

For two years he deepened his knowledge under the guidance of the great chef Vincenzo Cammerucci, teacher of many prominent culinary professionals. Famous mentor passed on to him the knowledge, which, in turn, he received from his teacher - Michelin Guide legend, Chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

Simone was only 26 years old when he opened a restaurant of his own. Note di gusto is still open in his native city of Cesena today.

For a long time Simone worked with the legendary chef Carlo Cracco in Milan. Carlo is not just a professional of the highest level, he is also the "Hell's Chef" of Italy (an interesting parallel to AM), host of Hell's Kitchen Italia, Masterchef Italy and The Final Table. Teamed with him and Chef Emmanuele Pollini, Simone launched a restaurant Carlo e Camilla.

In the United States Simone Gobbi was a part of a unique project In Situ in San Francisco. The restaurant opened under direction of a 3 times Michelin-starred Cory Lee and in partnership with the SF MOMA Museum brought to life an ingenious menu concept – 80 recipes from 80 of the world's most famous chefs. The project was so successful, it received a Michelin star just one year after opening.

Collaboration with Chef Carlo Cracco and Chef Emanuele Pollini continued in Russia, where Carlo was invited to take over the restaurant OVO at LOTTE Hotel in Moscow. In just three years Simone and his colleagues assembled a professional team from scratch and won many awards for their work.

After finishing at OVO, Simone was invited to join Nikola Mavic’s new project Vadvare.  And then headed the kitchen of Nikola's second project, ГЭС-2.

After moving to Moscow, Simone became a frequent guest at Probka on Tsvetnoy. There he met AM, who invited him to become a part of the team :)

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