Gifts for every taste. Literally!!! Collected holiday sets and tasty gifts to give to your loved ones and colleagues (or to your beloved self) :) Here’s what you can purchase in any of our restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

НОВОГОДНИЕ СЛАДОСТИ.PNGItalian sweets and cookies:

Chocolate salami, 700 rubles 

This traditional Italian dessert is popular all over the world. In Italy you can buy it in any pastichery, i.e. pastry shop. Salame di cioccolato is included in the list of protected traditional Italian recipes (Prodotti agroalimentari tradizionali italiani (PAT). 

The taste is nostalgically similar to a Russian "potato" pastry. The main difference is that this salami has lots of nuts inside. 

Torrone soft honey nougat, 750 rubles 

Torrone in Italy is a synonym for "holiday". The most Christmas candy, which is sold at fairs and in pastry shops, and is a must-have on every table during holiday season. It is made all over the country, but the torrone from Cremona and Sardinia is especially famous. Soft, honeyed, and flavored with roasted pistachios - it instantly puts you in a festive mood. 

Biscotti (cookies with almonds and citrus and anise flavor), 650 rubles 

Biscotti are the well-known Italian cookies that we associate with childhood. In Tuscany it's usually dipped into coffee or dessert wine. This biscotti is characterized by the aroma of anise and citrus.

Amaretti (cookies made of almond flour), 650 rubles

Extremely popular cookies with orange and lemon flavor. One of the most delicious kinds of Italian pastry. An important detail – it’s gluten-free. Thanks to its almond flour base, it will especially appeal to marzipan lovers. 

History of the creation of amaretti:

In the town of Saronno in Lobardia, home of the famous Amaretto di Saronno almond liqueur, there lived a couple of lovers who had a pastry shop. One day they made little cookies out of apricot kernels, protein and sugar. They were called "amaretti" because of their slightly bitter taste. The cookies were so beloved by the people of the city that Carlo Lazzaroni, from a family of Milanese confectioners, bought the shop and founded the industrial production of cookies in Milan. 

Homemade chocolate truffles with rosemary or pistachio in a gift box (from 1980 rubles, depends on the number of candies) 

Favorite of our guests and amazingly delicious homemade chocolates: truffles made of soft chocolate ganache with rosemary and chocolates with pistachios in white chocolate coating. 

ЧАЙНАЯ КОЛЛЕКЦИЯ 1.jpgSignature Tea:

Tea Collection set in a gift box, 5000 rubles

A complete collection of unique tea blends AM COLLECTION - five flavors in a beautiful package. This tea was made in limited edition by Andrey Kolbasinov, founder of the NITKA tea company, a great enthusiast of the revival of the Russian tea tradition, one of the best tea sommeliers in the world and in Russia. You can buy the collection of tea only in the restaurants of Aram Mnatsakanov in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

On holidays, guests can buy a special "Christmas" blend or a gift set with the entire collection: mulberry tea with mandarin, black tea with rose and bergamot, Middle Eastern blend with Persian lemon and mint and "country" tea with black tea and cherry leaf. 


For those who want to order everything all together!

You can choose all your favorites - delicacies from the shop, handmade truffles, amaretti, biscotti, torrone, nougat, black caviar, specialty teas, blends separately or the whole collection - everything sold as AM Collection in the restaurant.

AM Collection - products personally selected by Aram and his team, they are made to order for the restaurants, in small batches. Tea, black caviar, Prosecco, Bordeaux, all of excellent quality and at an excellent price.

The guests can purchase a set, that we have already selected, or fill it themselves with the products they want. Restaurants will package it beautifully in a large gift box.

Order you New Year’s gifts at the restaurant or at

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