Life hacks for all the wine lovers out there.

Where to buy your wine?

Try to avoid store chains, opt for wine stores or boutiques. Many think that these places don’t offer good prices, but that’s not the case.

If you are not sure of what you want to buy, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

Having difficulties describing the style of wine you are looking for? Start by referring to winesyou’ve tasted and liked before. This information will help the ‘caviste’ (wine expert) to quickly understand which wines would be more appealing to you.

How to store your wine?

In a restaurant the issue of proper wine storage is so important that it is already taken into consideration at the very early stages of a project. But we are not about to recommend that you buy an expensive wine cabinet or to create a space in your apartment with additional cooling and humidity control. ;) Let’s take a more practical approach.

I don’t recommend storing your wine in a regular fridge, especially on the fridge door shelves.

The constant opening and closing of the door, lights going on and off, foods with a strong smell, temperature changes - all of these factors will not have the best effect on the wine.

You need to find a place similar to the one described in the medicine storage instructions.

“Store in a dark and dry place. Keep out of children’s reach”. This does not mean that you need to combine your first aid kit with wine (although there are those who wouldn’t mind doing so). But there is sure to be a second ‘cool and dry’ spot in your home. For example, I store my wine in the far corner of my wardrobe. My colleague purchased a small basket which she covers in a blanket and keeps under a furniture set in the living room. Once you are ready to drink a bottle, you just need to cool it down to the correct temperature, open it and enjoy the full expression of its taste.

How to serve wine?

I have two rules.

Firstly, the wine must be served at the right temperature.

Secondly, the wine must be served in a proper glass. And if the second rule is rather an expression of professional deformation, supported by experience, then the first is simply a necessity. Following the first rule will provide you with exceptional emotions. But if you are able to combine these two points into one, your wine-tasting experience will be taken to a whole new level! You can find a perfect wine glass for a reasonable price even on “Ozon”. Remember - a proper wine glass is a must-have for every wine lover.

Which accessories should you have handy?

The key accessories for every wine-loving household are: a corkscrew and wine glasses. The
rest can always be built through a little improvisation. In need of a decanter? You can simply use
a jug. And if you don’t have one of those?

Transfer your wine into a saucepan and delicately pour it out into your guests’ glasses using a ladle.

At home, the most important things are the people you drink with and the emotions you receive! And we will be more than happy to provide you with the service and elegant details at our restaurants.

As for wine cooling, there is a huge space for creativity. A saucepan can become a D.I.Y. cooler, inside of which you can place your version of a ‘decanter’, first filling it with water and then ice that you’ve prepared ahead of time (ice molds can be found in almost any store). Just 10 minutes and the wine will return to its desired temperature without the use of a fridge or a freezer. But be careful: wine that is too cold is not much better than wine which is too warm.

Everything else should come naturally: great people, good food and lots of positivity. And remember: a bottle for two is optimal, but you should always stock up on at least one more, just in case.
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