Nativa in Yerevan: the first dinner of the Family Recipes Festival with the Keushguerian family

Nativa in Yerevan: the first dinner of the Family Recipes Festival with the Keushguerian family

At the first Nativa Festival in Yerevan, Aram Mnatsakanov hosts Vahe Keushgerian, founder of WineWorks and Keush winery, the pioneer of traditional method sparkling wine production in Armenia. Vahe supports winemakers in creating their own wine brands, advises on tourism and creates conditions for the development of Armenian winemaking.

Copy of Vahe Int 1.jpgHis daughter, Aimee Keushguerian, grew up in Tuscany around the family wine business. She fell in love with the ancient history of viniculture and began her career harvesting Keusch in 2016 and now runs the family sparkling wine brand. Aimee's passion for wine led her to start her own company, Zulal, to experiment with rare and almost lost local grape varieties. Aimee Keushguerian became Riedel's ambassador for Armenia in 2018 and has been WineWorks' Chief Operating Officer since 2020.

Copy of ZET_9771-Edit (5).jpgLuca Keushguerian, Vahe’s son, is working on a plan to grow his own vineyards and create a wine that expresses his love of nature and adventure. He believes that vacationing in nature and winemaking is a unique experience and dreams of sharing it with people.

Arman Manukyan has been with the WineWorks team since 2013 and contributes to Keush and other projects. Passionate about his work, he is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Armenian grape varieties. For Arman, winemaking is philosophy, art and poetry, and he strives to make a masterpiece out of each wine.

The Keushguerian family are fans of their business, in love with wine. Originally founded as a wine consultancy, WineWorks Armenia now operates as a winery incubator whose mission is to work with farmers and producers to contribute together to the development of the Armenian wine industry.


Today, Gilberto Nasser, along with the Keushguerian family, will prepare for you dishes based on family recipes from Western Armenia, where they are from, and Beirut, where they grew up.

Kilis Eech, salad with bulgur

Fishne Kabab, cherry kabab



Keush Ultra Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature 2018

100% Areni grapes sourced from various growers in Khachik

Keush Areni Reserve 2016

100% Areni from 80-100 years old un-grafted vineyards

Heikat 2019

A dessert wine showcasing the diversity of Armenia's local grape varieties


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