Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Season

Late November? Just the time for season's most colorful product! Brighten up overcast days with our delicious and healthy pumpkin specialties.  

МИНА СПБ,КАРПАЧЧО ИЗ ТЫКВЫ, МАРИНОВАННОЙ В BAROLO CHINATO C ЧЕРНЫМ ТРЮФЕЛЕМ И МÐ.jpgWine–pickled pumpkin carpaccio with black truffle and feta mousse at MINA on Krestovsky 

This light appetizer is the perfect fit with a cold glass of our prosecco! 

MINA СПБ, НЕЖНЫЙ ТЫКВЕННЫЙ МАФФИН С ФЕРМЕРСКОЙ СМЕТАНОЙ И КОНФИТЮРОМ С Ш.jpgTender pumpkin muffin with farmer's sour cream and saffron confit at MINA on Krestovsky

A fluffy must try that won't leave you indifferent :)

DDD DDDDDD, DDD DDDDDD D DD<<DDDD 5.jpgPumpkin caramelelle at Maritozzo & Probka on Tsvetnoy

Our special seasonal "candy" with a delicate pumpkin filling. 

РЫБА НА ДАЧЕ, САЛАТ С ТЫКВОЙ И КОЗЬИМ СЫРОМ 8.jpgPumpkin salad with goat cheese at R14 & Ryba na Dache

A light, fresh and slightly spicy seasonal hit with tender goat cheese and baked pumpkin. 

ТЫКВЕННЫЙ СУП.jpgPumpkin Soup at R14 and Ryba na Dache

Bright, creamy and very fall-ish. Heartwarming choice for the moody cloudy days :)

МАНТЫ С ТЫКВОЙ.jpgPumpkin Manti at Ryba na Dache

Fragrant homemade dish, very beloved by our guests - tender dough with a filling made of a slightly crunchy pumpkin. 

Pumpkin ravioli at R14

Homemade ravioli with a melting pumpkin and cheese filling.

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